Hello world!

Every blog has to start somewhere and be about something.

This one starts here, is about the Tiny Tiny Trailer, a 16-foot Airstream Sport, and the adventures my wife and I have together with it. Or her. Or him. We’re not sure yet; we still have to pick a name.

In one sense this really is the start: after thinking about this for years, we drove down to Denver today to put a deposit on the Tiny Tiny Trailer. We don’t even have possession yet; we pick it (her? him?) up on March 8th after some dealer options are added and it’s detailed.

But in another sense this is something that started 50 years ago.

When I (John) was a kid my parents subscribed to National GeographicLife,

Time, and other magazines. In one of them I distinctly remember reading an article about Airstreams, accompanied with pictures of hundred of Airstreams at a rally (something like the picture at right). I think that might be when my fascination (obsession?) with Airstreams started. Ever since then, I have wanted one.


Really, really badly.

So, now we have one.

There are plenty of blogs and vlogs about RVs in general, and plenty about Airstreams in particular. We’re fans of several of them, actually. But what do I hope will set this one apart?

Well, many (most?) of the other blogs are about people who are full-timing in their Airstream. We’re not going to do that. We would have to be insane to do that in the Tiny Tiny Trailer. Or at least we’d be insane after doing that. No, we got the Tiny Tiny Trailer so we could camp: maybe three or four nights somewhere before we head home for a bigger bed and a real shower.  We’ll probably do a few longer trips, but full-timing? No.

Also, this is about the Tiny Tiny Trailer. A 16-foot Sport is a very small trailer. There is barely enough room for two people to stand upright on the floor. The bed is all of 48 inches wide. It has a wet bath. The fresh water tank only holds 23 gallons. The combination gray/black water tank only holds 21 gallons. It’s really small.

And while it definitely has the whole cuteness thing going for it, there will be some challenges.

But it has the things we were looking for: a trailer with a place to sleep, cook, eat, and relax that is not outside and not in a tent. And that 2:00am trip to the bathroom will no longer require shoes and a flashlight.

We’ve done our share of cooking in the rain. We taken down the tent in the rain. We’ve weather rainstorms and wind that threatened to blow the tent into Kansas. So now we’re trying something different. Something dryer and less windy.

So, stay tuned to see where the Tiny Tiny Trailer takes us; to see what adventures—and misadventures—we have; to see what we learn.

It should be fun!