Bringing the Tiny Tiny Trailer home

Well, we’re Airstreamers now.

All ready to hit the road!

Today we drove down to Windish RV in Denver to pick up the Tiny Tiny Trailer.  I’m not going to lie: the first time I saw it hooked up to our Xterra there was a little bit of, “what in the world have we done?”

Once we were on the road in Denver rush-how traffic, there was a lot more “what have we done?”

But after a few miles, the anxiety began to subside, and I began to feel more comfortable, both with driving it and with the fact that we now owned an Airstream.

But the problem with buying something like the Tiny Tiny Trailer is that it all seems so unreal.  Yeah, there’s this thing I can see in my rear view mirror, but is it really ours?

That’s was an easy problem to fix.  We pulled off I-25 at 120th Avenue and headed for our go-to place for dinner when we’re on our way out of Denver: the Olive Garden.  After sprawling across four parking spaces in the remote regions of the Target parking lot we walked across the lot to the OG and ordered take-out.

When it was ready, it was back out to the lot to break out the plastic forks and knives and have our first dinner in the Tiny Tiny Trailer.  Now it feels like it belongs to us!

There is so much more to do and to learn to really make the Tiny Tiny Trailer ours and to get to where we feel comfortable with it.  There’s bedding to try out, dishes and utensils to load, a thick binder of an owner’s manual to read and understand, but now the fun starts!

And at the end of April we hit the road for our first camping trip: all the way to Boyd Lake State Park.  This park is literally less than a 30 minute walk from our house, so if things go really sideways we can always walk home.  But it will make a good shakedown cruise, and if there is something we need that we left at home we can always buzz home and get it!

I’m feeling OK about this.

By the curb in front of our house!