Shopping for an Airstream

Isn't Tricia just too cute in this picture?

This is not a tutorial on how to shop for an Airstream.  Or any RV, for that matter.  But how did we end up  with the Tiny Tiny Trailer?

Besides having wanted one for the last 50 years, which pretty much ruled out all other RVs, there were a couple of things we did.

First, we researched Airstreams on-line.  A lot.  We’ve spent hours and hours reading blogs and watching videos; so much so that when we did the walk-through on the Tiny Tiny Trailer I felt a sense of deja vu.  But these things were especially helpful:

Sean and Kristy from Long Long Honeymoon have an absolutely wonderful video channel for learning about RVs in general and Airstreams in particular.  We have watched dozens of their videos and have learned so much.

Steve and Tess from The More We Explore have a similar video channel, also with good advice.

Trail and Hitch blog about their adventures full-timing in a 30-foot Airstream.

Finally, I have to acknowledge Colonial Airstream in New Jersey and especially Patrick Botticelli who does some fabulous walk-throughs of the different Airstream models. They’re so good that I felt like been in the trailer and almost wanted to drive to New Jersey to  buy it from Patrick.


But that’s not realistic, and for other reasons we wanted to buy locally; well, relatively locally. That means after all the YouTube videos and blogs, it was time to go down to Windish RV in Lakewood, Colorado, where we worked with Len Birnbaum to pick out the Tiny Tiny Trailer.  Len and the rest of the staff at Windish were great to work with.

Someday I’ll write up more details, but that’s an overview.